Nanopore devices perform DNA/RNA sequencing directly and in real time.
The Technology is scalable from miniature devices to high-throughput unstallations.




  • An adapter for MinION for smaller tests or experiments
  • Single-use, on-demand, cost efficient sequencing
  • Suitable for quality checks, amplicons, smaller genomes, targeted regions, or those interested in diagnostics/other tests
  • MinIT available to support IT/software needs
Choose Flongle if you:
  • have smaller samples to analyse
  • prefer to run single samples rather than multiplexing/barcoding
  • would like to perform rapid quality checking of a sample before starting a larger experiment
  • Pocket-sized, portable device for biological analysis
  • Up to 512 nanopore channels
  • Simple 10-min sample prep available
  • Real-time analysis for rapid, efficient workflows
  • Adaptable to direct DNA or RNA sequencing
  • MinIT available to support IT/software needs
Choose MinION if you:
  • want to sequence immediately, not wait
  • want to sequence outside a lab
  • need 10-20Gb per 48 hrs
  • want to avoid CapEx investments
  • Five individually addressable flow cell positions
  • Generate as much as 150 Gb output from a single experiment
  • High capacity integrated compute for onboard, real-time analysis
  • Simple, preconfigured device ? plug in and start running
  • Compatible with MinION and Flongle flow cells
Choose GridION MK1 if you:
  • would like to scale up from MinION
  • want to offer nanopore sequencing as a service
  • want the choice to invest from a capital or consumable budget
  • High-throughput, high-sample number benchtop system
  • Modular: Up to 48 flow cells, each with up to 3,000 nanopore channels (total up to 144,000)
  • Flow cells may be run individually or concurrently
  • Same workflow as MinION at larger scale
Choose PromethION if you:
  • would like to offer nanopore sequencing as a service
  • are interested in very large data volumes projects (Tb)
  • are seeking on-demand sequencing for large numbers of samples
  • would like to avoid CapEx investments

Mass cytometer (CyTOF)

Helios & Hyperion
Helios & Hyperion
  • Single-cell proteomics technology
  • Detect more than 50 markers simultaneously on millons of indivisual cells
  • Overcome the limitations of fluorescence-based detection
Choose Helios & Hyperion if you:
  • Comprehensive : Simultaneously profile cell phenotype and function in single tube
  • Powerful : Obtain the most valuable information from precious samples
  • Proven : Referenced by hundreds of publications from leading laboratories around the world that are achieving new breakthroughs in immunology, immunotherapy, cancer and more